The Bushwackers

The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band.They have been performing since 1971 ….. and still going strong!!They play proudly Australian music, much of it based on the traditional folk and working songs from the early 20th century, but have seamlessly incorporated celtic instrumentals and great contemporary original songs. Such as – Leave It In The Ground, Another Trip To Bunnings, Dirt Under My Nails, Beneath The Southern Cross, Henry’s Men and the iconic I Am Australian.

In the 80s The Bushwackers were well known for their legendary Bush Dances at Paddington & Sydney Town Hall, and their Giant Bush Dances at Birkenhead Point. 

Our show can be enjoyed as a dance or a concert, or a mixture of both.

There will be called group dances, there will also be songs and tunes that you can dance or jump around to, and there’ll be songs that you might prefer to sit and listen to. There will be plenty of seating, and plenty of space for dancing.