Past Events

Celebrating our first year – 2018/19 Southern Sydney Folk Club Events

May 2018 – Our inaugural meeting Fred Smith. Support by The Fossickers.

July 2018 Chloë & Jason Roweth, with Matt Nightingale on double bass – Soul Of A Poet. Support by Wolf Gordon.

September 2018 The Water Runners. Support by Wally Byrne.

October 2018 Victoria Vigenser and Lindsay Martin. Support by The Margaret Bradford Trio.

December 2018 The Mutual Acquaintances. Support by Mark Wilkes and Tim Dalton.

February 2019 The Fossickers and Black Joak Morris

March 2019 Scott Cook with The She’ll Be Rights Support by Liz Frencham

April 2019 Teri Young and Hamish Stevenson Support by ‘Spindles’

June 2019 Enda Kenny with Dave O’Neill. Member Showcase-Peter Cahill

July 2019 The Maes with Monique Clare. Members Showcase – Wally Byrne and Mark Huon

4th August 2019 Songwriters In The Round. Featuring Abigail Wighton, Mark Wilkes amd Wally Byrne

25th August 2019 Witches Leap

22nd September 2019 Alanna and Alicia – Accompanied by Sarah, Silas & Jen

23rd November 2019 The Bushwackers – Support Set-Rory Phillips

15th December 2019. Out of The Dungeon Session/End of year celebration. Many Club members played singularly and in groups.


2nd February 2020 The Carlo Aonzo Trio – Member Showcase, Carl Webster.

1st March 2020 “Bound for Botany Bay” Christina Mimmocchi & PP Cranney Support by 40 Degrees South

April-October 2020 Cancelled due to Covid restrictions

15th November 2020 Jenny Denny and her Trio

13th December 2020 End of Year Members Concert. Many Club members played singularly and in groups.


7th February 2021 The Water Runners.

28th February 2021 Sweet Songs & Soft Guitar. Members Showcase -“Nailed It”

21 March 2021 New Graces. Members Showcase -Mark Wilkes

2nd May 2021 We Mavericks. Members Showcase -Georgette Leclair and Philip Wyllie..

30 May 2021 Dingo’s Breakfast. Members Showcase- Ann & David Moir with Margaret Bradford

June-November 2021 Cancelled due to Covid Restrictions

5th December 2021 End of year Members Concert . Many Club members played singularly and in groups-Held at Matt and Cath Allison’s home.


6th February 2022 The Blues Preachers Members Showcase – Carl Webster

6th March 2022 HOYA Members Showcase – Georgette Leclair and Philip Wyllie

3rd April 2022 Gordie Tentrees Member Showcase – Peter Phelps

22nd May 2022 The Full Irish and Stringline Member Showcase – Wally Byrne

June 2022 Mothers of the Nation-Cancelled due to Band Covid

July 2022 The Third Voice-Cancelled due to Band Covid

28thAugust 2022 “On the Night Train” Chloe and Jason Roweth Member Showcase – Katie, Mark and Peter

18th September 2022 Enda Kenny Member Showcase – Bernie and Mark

9th October 2022 Robyn Martin and friends

30th October 2022 George Mann Member Showcase – John Newell