Upcoming events

February 2 – Carlo Alonzo Trio

2pm at the Shopfront Theatre, 88 Carlton Pde, Carlton NSW.

The Carlo Aonzo Trio features (Carlo Aonzo on the Italian mandolin, Lorenzo Piccone on the acoustic guitar and Luciano Puppo on the double bass)

“Mandolitaly” is their new project 2019.
“Mandolitaly” breaks apart and casts a new light on the Italian music heritage, from the internationally known “Arrivederci Roma” and “Roma nun fa la stupida stasera” to the great historical fathers of mandolin as Carlo Munier for a taste of classical repertoire.
All revisited and rearranged by the charming Trio style in a melting pot of musical genres.
CARLO AONZO has toured throughout Italy, Europe, Japan, the USA and Canada as one of the major representatives and scholars of the Italian classical mandolin, performing both as a soloist and with chamber ensembles and orchestras.
Since 2016 he has been touring with the Carlo Aonzo Trio.

March 1 – Bound for Botany Bay

2pm at the Shopfront Theatre 88 Carlton Pde Carlton NSW

A musical show by Christina Mimmocchi and PP Cranney.

1770 and all that: a musical voyage to Botany Bay and beyond.
A brand-new musical storytelling show celebrating the 250th anniversary of Cook’s circumnavigation of Australia!
​What a miracle that was!
Apart from about thirty Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and English explorers before him, Captain James Cook was the first European to discover Australia. Despite Government orders to cultivate the friendship of any inhabitants, and not to take possession of the land if indeed it was inhabited, Captain (aka Lieutenant) Cook, shot the first natives he saw, took possession of the place in the name of the King, and had it declared it Terra Nullius – empty land – which came as a great surprise to the estimated 750,000 plus Indigenous inhabitants living here at the time and which proved to be an ongoing tragedy for them and unfinished business for the rest of us.
But let’s not get tangled up in our black armbands. As well as giving out free oranges to ensure the audience doesn’t get scurvy, we’ll give you the alt.history lesson you never got in primary school.

​Learn Dutch sea shanties! Patriotic French songs! Clever parodies of famous ballads!
Sing along to both kinds of music: traditional and original folk!

April 5 – Colum Sands

2pm at the Shopfront Theatre, 88 Carlton Pde, Carlton NSW.

Colum Sands is a universal storyteller who draws on a long Irish tradition of poetic musicality to weave songs for the world.
He has been described as a poet disguised as a songwriter and a singer disguised as a storyteller, but few dispute that he performs in a style that is all his own. He has a universal appeal for the songs and stories with which he observes the minute and often humorous details of life.
For many years this Irish songwriter has been weaving songs and stories that have taken him to stages around the world. Colum is also a BBC radio presenter, has produced over 100 albums, has worked with young musicians and veterans like Joan Biaz and Pete Seeger and was shortlisted for three nominations for the 2009 Grammy Awards. His work in radio and studio production earned him the Living Tradition Award for services to Folk and Traditional Music.